How to Use Social Media to Promote Business Events

Does your business have an event coming up? There are different tactics you should use before and after the event to make sure it is a success.

Before the Event

  • Create a Facebook event with a short, but concise description of your event and encourage those you invite to share it on their own social media accounts.
  • Choose an event hashtag before the event and encourage those who attend to share their pictures and thoughts using it.
  • When you post in the event or share it on other social media accounts make sure to use your hashtag.
  • Offer promotions or contests to promote your event

After the Event

  • Make sure to create a post thanking everyone who contributed to the event and everyone who attended.
  • Post photos from the event and encourage those who attended to tag themselves and share them!
  • Write a post that recaps the successes of the event.
  • Respond to those who shared your hashtag

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