Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what you need to do if you want to get your website found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Capture Media offer you simple tools that provide intelligent online marketing and search engine optimization services designed to help you generate sales.

Capture Media search engine optimization service is diverse because we look at all the small bits that go towards getting a website moving up the rankings. Our team, will ensure that all the possibilities are covered when it comes to getting your site to perform well on the major search engines.

Building a website is just the first step towards getting your business found online. Depending on how competitive your industry sector is, ongoing search engine optimization is likely to form a crucial part of your online marketing activity.

Put simply, if your website isn’t optimized correctly, then your business is extremely unlikely to make it onto the first page of Google, beyond which most of us stop looking. A well thought out SEO campaign will influence your search engine ranking and in most cases get you to page one for those all-important keywords.

Some of the factors to watch out for are:

  • The quality of your website architecture.
  • The competition, how competitive is your niche?
  • The keywords you are targeting.
  • Do you incorporate links to social media on your website?
  • Are you being found on Google or other popular search engines?

It is now harder than ever to get your website into a position where everybody can see it – but not impossible. Contingent on the size of your business, the challenge of getting your website to the top can be difficult at times and it will require a consistent effort to see results.

Now, more than ever, content is king when it comes to getting your website placed high on Google. The old methods of using article spam are now being devalued thanks to more intelligent algorithms which are able to spot poor quality websites a mile away.

SEO might have changed, however the simple principles remain the same. Your website will involve back links and good ones succeed. As a small to medium sized business, there really is only one way to do this and that is through marketing good content. Need more info on our online marketing service? With some effort, you really can get to page one on a limited budget. Google is the place where 80% of people, or more importantly your customers, go to find products and services and this can be good or bad news for you, depending on your SEO strategy.

Do SEO well and you will start gaining more customers and be able to expand your business by creating a steady flow of leads for your sales people to close.

Premium Package SEO Services

Capture Media creates and manages listings in the 4 main search engines for you including Google plus local, Yahoo local, Bing places, and Yelp. This will generate even more exposure for your business locally. We also provide you with a guaranteed listing so when someone searches for you by keyword or business name, you are guaranteed to show up on the map and in the search results. We will create and manage your listings in 20 directories in your area. Capture Media also submits you to SIRI which is the personal assistant on the iPhones and iPads along with GPS devices and Google mobile.

Best of all, you receive a professionally designed Google My Business Page that creates a presence for your business in 3 main Google locations: Search, Plus, and Maps. In addition, your company will receive a monthly health check which will help you track the effectiveness of your company’s online presence. You can see any areas that may need improving, and will be notified each month if we find any listings that have errors or inconsistencies, which we would have addressed and corrected.