Increase Traffic to Your Website or Social Media Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools

Search Engine Marketing encompasses many tools that bring your brand to the forefront when consumers are searching for you or your competitors using search engines such as Google. SEM includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid inclusion and trusted feed programs, pay-for-placement management, as well as link popularity and reputation development. SEM is constantly changing as new forms of communication develop so it is important to understand how to adjust with the advances in digital media so that you show up on the first page of results every time. Here are a few considerations that Capture Media can help you with:

  1. Mobile Optimization: Mobile websites are generating more traffic than desktop and laptop-based sites; therefore, it is vital that your website is optimized for smartphones and tablets. You must cater to your mobile audience’s needs to generate leads and increase your ROI.
  2. Voice Search: Siri, Now and Cortana are changing the way people search for information. It’s much more convenient for consumers to use digital assistants when on the go. Since people use different search terms when they are speaking versus typing, optimizing your website and social media for voice search is a crucial element in improving your search visibility.
  3. Local SEO: Google My Business has created significant changes in how Google presents search results locally. It is extremely important to have your business listed on Google to improve your search visibility.
  4. Social Post Rankings: While it is still important to rank your videos, blogs, images, news, etc., your social media posts are just as important. When someone searches for your company name, your website AND social media profiles should be showing up in the search results. This will build your company’s reputation and give you more visibility.
  5. App Store Optimization: More than half of the time people spend online is through mobile apps. Mobile apps tend to have better functionality on smartphones and tablets, which is why people prefer to use apps. There are a ton of apps that get created on a daily basis. In order to make sure your app stands out, it needs to be optimized for the app store so that it shows up high in the research results.
  6. On-page SEO: On-page SEO is used by search engines when ranking websites in search results. Optimizing each page of your website will give you a stronger presence. You can keep track of how well your website is doing through site metrics, which will show you how each page is performing. This will give you a good idea on what improvements need to be made and where.
  7. Advertising Costs: It is extremely difficult to increase visibility on search engines these days. The competition continues to increase, which is one of the main reasons you will begin to see advertising costs go up. Social media sites are also changing their algorithms to make brands purchase ads to get visibility. It is wise to plan your budget with some extra room for higher marketing costs.

Capture Media is ready to help you create a successful SEM campaign to increase your visibility and improve your reputation. Find out about our tools we use to develop your Search Engine Marketing strategies. Please email for more information.

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