E-mail Marketing

Capture Media, has the experience necessary to make Email marketing work to your advantage. We have the right Email marketing campaigns that allow you to connect your data and build your audience, to lead your company to success.

Email marketing has been around since AOL software said “You’ve Got Mail.” As one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it has also become the most challenging platform to get your message out. Opt-ins and spam folders have made reaching your target audience through Email a difficult task. At Capture Media, we understand this and set up Email marketing campaigns that guide you in the right direction to ensure your message is heard by your audience whether its’s your clients, prospects or anyone else for that matter. We recognize how to use compelling content, be it in the subject line or the body of the Email, to make your audience want to read the message as opposed to simply deleting it, or worse, marking it as spam.

Interpreting all data available is key to a successful marketing in any medium, but it is essential for Email campaigns. Learning who is opening the message or not enables us to reach those who have been previously unreachable.

With Capture Media Email marketing framework we reach the right people with the right message at just the right time. Our creative Email campaigns keep your audience focused on great content, not waist deep in help documentation.

Our emailing campaign starts out with our basic structure, where we help our clients through five basic steps:

  1. Draw attention to your company’s target audience
  2. Design an email that draws responsiveness to your customers
  3. Get the right messages out to your customers
  4. Know the best time to send them out (timing is everything!)
  5. Email Incentives, allowing your customers a reason to respond