Content Ideas to Market Your Company

Looking for new content ideas to post to your social media accounts? Here are some ideas to help your social media accounts thrive this month:

Create a video campaign

A creative video is one way to market your company that will resonate with younger customers. According to Hubspot, traffic and conversations will increase significantly if you have a video on the main page of your website. A video needs to be creative, unique, and concise. Make sure that even though the video is entertaining the viewer still is aware of the products or services being sold.

Gift Guides

Soon enough the holidays will be approaching. This is a great time for companies to suggest what they sell through gift guides on their social media platforms. Write a simple blog post highlighting gift suggestions and promotions you are running and then feature it on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Unique Holidays

Everyday there are unique holidays that can be used to your advantage. Schedule marketing campaigns according that you can tie into a holiday and your business. For example if you are a coffeehouse you can choose “National Friendship Day” and encourage your customers to meet their friends are your shop that day. Using a unique holiday helps your business that stand out in its marketing strategies.

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