Adjusting Your Marketing Strategies for Millennials

The Millennial generation has become the largest consumer group in the United States and will soon make up more than half the population. Millennials are the most educated generation and are very different from any other generation businesses have ever encountered. This is changing the way companies are marketing their brands. Smartphones, the Internet, and Social Media have transformed the marketing game and every business should be utilizing these tools.

In order to be a successful business in a Millennial world, here are a few ways you can adjust your marketing strategies:


Re-examine your business and outsmart your competitors by thinking of ways to add convenience. This could include creating a mobile application, integrating digital payment methods, etc. Millennials are more likely to use your products and/or services if it’s convenient to them.


Create a mobile website that is simple to navigate and looks good on smartphones. Your business address and phone number should be easy to find. Otherwise, Millennials will move along to something else that is less time consuming.


Millennials are more likely to show loyalty to businesses that demonstrate their customer appreciation through rewards programs. Providing products and/or services for free or at a discounted rate gives more incentive to Millennials to keep coming back. Make sure any rewards programs are featured in all of your media content.


Use social media to give Millennials a “behind the scenes” look at your business. Millennials are typically distrustful, especially with large corporations. If they know your employees are being treated fairly and that your business cares about something beyond making money, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand. If you donate to any charities or volunteer any of your services, make sure you talk about it through all of your digital media resources.


The Millennial generation cares a great deal about the positive experience they get with businesses. What kind of customer experience are you giving to your consumers? Utilize your media marketing platforms to showcase that experience.


The best type of advertising is through word-of- mouth. Millennials like to go to places their peers recommend. You can encourage these recommendations with your repeat customers by asking them to talk about their experience through social media. When a business connects well with customers on a personal level, the customers feel more obliged to promote that business. Facebook and Yelp reviews are extremely important because the Millennial generation cares more about what consumers think than what the business has to say about their own products and/or services. Also, make sure you are responding to comments and questions on all of your digital media platforms.

Interaction with customers can go a long way in maintaining and growing your company. If you ever need assistance with your digital marketing needs, please do not hesitate to contact CAPTURE MEDIA. We provide a wide range of resources to help take your business to the next level. Email:

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