5 Tips for Business Pinterest Usage

Pinterest has definitely become a social media beast for brand-building. The site is growing at a rapid pace, inspires consumers to take action, hosts one of the most engaged audiences, and is a great marketing platform to add to your social arsenal. The main problems are that many businesses when considering using Pinterest, believe their content would not be popular or it may hurt their brand, while others don’t even know where to start with their marketing.

The following are 5 simple tips for businesses to use when marketing with Pinterest:

1. Use Good SEO Practices for Your Profile Title and Headers

Marketing your business on Pinterest provides an additional opportunity to boost SEO. You can improve the search rank of your profile by targeting the keywords your audience is searching for, and you can use many of the same ones you’re currently targeting on your website. Add keywords to such places on your Pinterest profile as the title, description, and the descriptions of your pins to increase visibility on the site and in search engines.

2. Focus on Informative Visuals like Infographics

Pinterest is a visual pinboard, so to market across the social site, you need a great deal of high-quality images in your back pocket. This may scares off many businesses from using the site, as Pinterest still exudes a certain crafty atmosphere that makes companies across a variety of industries wonder: “What can we do here?”

For companies experiencing this content block, we recommend combining the best of text and visual posts by creating and publishing infographics, which are a popular media format on Pinterest. If you aren’t sure where to start, build out an infographic around the latest, most interesting news in your industry to start a conversation.

3. Link Pins to Blogs for Improved Traffic

Pinterest and blogs can seem a bit like oil and water, but in fact, businesses should be publishing their blog posts across the social network as a way to improve traffic and increase conversions.

Try building out your pinboards by pinning links to relevant blog posts. Make sure to include a conversion CTA at the end of your posts to capture new leads.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Post Frequently

While subjective, the average opinion of Pinterest is that the social site is more tolerant of frequent posting than many others. You can get away with posting once a day and even more. In fact, top brands on Pinterest have experienced accelerated growth by posting up to 5 posts per day.

5. Build a Community

Community engagement is a great way to get your brand noticed on Pinterest and to maximize your marketing efforts. If someone posts a comment on your pin, make sure to reply back and use it as an opportunity to develop a relationship. You can also join relevant Groups to promote brand awareness and interact with others in your industry.

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