3 Social Media Marketing Tips

Demand Of Social Advertising

At some point, unique visits and organic reach may not be enough.  Having more followers means your business will be more stable and secure.  One of the best ways to obtain more followers is through social advertising.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter emphasize this.  For more information on increasing your Social Media platform through advertising contact Capture Media.

Conveying Emotional Intelligence Will Get You More Feedback

A lot of people are saying videos are the way of the future.  While that may be the case, there are variety of ways to promote content.  Whether it be links to a website, photos, videos, memes, or GIF’s there are a variety of ways to post things on social media.

For example Marcus Mosher, a Dallas Cowboys writer at Bleacher Report tweeted, “4 QBs in the first round and none are Lamar Jackson.  I don’t get it.” 

The reason this gets so much feedback is because Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last year in College Football along with the fact that many College Football fans love Jackson’s tape.  A post like that will get you a lot more feedback then just an ordinary link.

Using a GIF or meme at the right time also helps with their cause.  Stating facts while you convey this also gets you a ton of feedback as well.

Innovate And Adapt

A big reason why a lot of businesses fail is due to a lack of innovation or due to an inability to adapt to new trends.  Creating new ideas and keeping up with current events is paramount if you want to succeed with Social Media Marketing.

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